About Impact Plus

The parent/guardian will always have the "Freedom of Choice" to select any provider they feel is best suited to provide care for their child. Rest assured that Intrust stands ready, willing, and able to assist in making this choice with complete objectivity and with the child's best interest in mind.

  • How are children accepted into the Program?
    A parent/guardian or someone who works with the child can contact a case management provider of Impact Plus services, such as Intrust to access a Case Manager sometimes known as a Service Coordinator.The Case Manager plays the unique role of facilitating team meetings for the child.

    Once the parent/guardian has selected the Case Management provider and has given their consent, the Case Manager will gather all necessary information and contact DHHS' third party administrator to determine if the child is IMPACT Plus eligible.

    Which children are eligible for Impact Plus?
    Children entering the Impact Plus Program must meet the following:
    • Be eligible for Medicaid
    • Be under the age of 21
    • Be at risk of institutional, hospital or other out of home placement
    • Be identified as having a severe behavioral health disorder that has persisted for the past 6 months and is expected to persist for at least 6 months without intervention
    • Be identified as having complex treatment needs

    Once the child meets the criteria for the program, the Case Manager will work with the parents or caregivers, as well as other service providers, to form a service team. Parents or caregivers are an integral part of the service team. Once a service team is established, the team may determine that additional services are needed. The team may suggest providers they deem appropriate for each service but ultimately the parent or guardian has the freedom to choose which provider they will utilize.

    Can Intrust Healthcare help my child?

    Intrust Healthcare has been an approved provider of Impact Plus Services since the inception of Impact Plus in 1999. Intrust has earned substantial trust and confidence by virtue of providing treatment and intervention for hundreds of families in the South Central and Eastern Kentucky regions.

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